Our Goals

MAPS strive to educate parents and small businesses, stimulate a higher standard of economic management and growth, and provide affordable, professional services so our clients can develop a healthier business-pleasure balance where they focus on business behind the scenes and devote more time where it matters most.
We strive to aid parents and small businesses by:

  • Taking action to impact, grow, and scale minority-owned businesses through a supportive ecosystem that will drive financial inclusion and achieve generational wealth for all those willing to take a step up.
  • Aiding parents in resisting the gravitational pull to fall, let go, or cease to become a negative statistical number.
  • Aiding small businesses in proper set-up and assisting in obtaining the proper funding for their business.
  • Aiding in providing a program which will catalyze and support parents and small business owners in a yearly maintenance of their progress.
  • Aiding parents and small businesses so they can benefit from accurate reporting, informed decision-making and reduced stress.

Our Mission

The mission of the Mentoring through Accounting for Parents & Small Businesses, Inc. is to enrich the quality of life for parents, nonprofit organizations, and small businesses by providing grant-funded programs and services.

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Board of Directors & Members


Sandra Kate Merritte


Merritte Accounting & Payroll Services, LLC


Riley L. Robinson

Vice President

Mathematician (Retired), Mobile County Public School System


Loreen Montgomery




Samuel L. Johnson


Houston, Texas
KBI Financial Services, Owner


Edward C. Patterson, Jr

Grant Compliance Coordinator

Fort Worth Independence School District


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